Chick-fil-A Cow Aprc. + Spicy Cmpagn
Worked developed at Engauge
Role: Strategist, Creative/Art Direction/Design/Production
Social Leads: Jeff Hilimire & Josh Martin
Writer: Katie Butterfield
Developer: Andrew Jones & Thorin Hanson

Cow Appreciation Day Overview
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Chick-fil-A, the second-largest, quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States, has been running an ongoing “EAT MOR CHIKIN” cow campaign for the past 15 years. Concerned only about saving their own hides, the cows have become synonymous with the chain’s efforts to get consumers to pick chicken over beef. As part of this continuing program, Chick-fil-A hosts an annual Cow Appreciation Day each year, offering a free chicken sandwich to any customer partially dressed as a cow and a free meal to guests dressed head-to-hoof in cowstume. Chick-fil-A wanted to take the 2010 Cow Appreciation Day further by making it an integrated event, tying together the in-store cowstume festivities, NYC Cow Bus Tour and online photo contest.

Engauge was approached by Chick-fil-A to tie these three event types together (Digital to Physical to Digital), allowing raving Chick-fil-A fans to have a personalized experience that they would want to evangelize to their friends and family.

Advertising Age Marketer of the Year 2010 Runner-Up: Chick-fil-A
"While Richards Group handles the bulk of Chick-fil-A's marketing, its official social-media strategy is relatively new, having only been picked up by digital shop Engauge in February. Since then, the brand's Facebook following has nearly tripled, and social media has been integrated into many of its standing marketing campaigns, like Cow Appreciation Day, when it tweeted many New York followers the location of the Chick-fil-A bus."

MSN “Chick-fil-A is celebrating ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ with free meals. This year, cows will tweet and share locations on Foursquare.”

Huffington Post Cow Appreciation Day 2010 (PHOTOS): People Dress Up Like Cows For Free Food

Highline Results:
• 23%+ increase in Chick-fil-A Facebook fans.
• 1,969,394 fans at start of CAD & 2,800,000 Million plus fans at end of CAD contest.
2 sammy awards

On Site Event Launch
On Cow Appreciation Day in NYC, the costumed cows, along with Chick-fil-A employees, boarded a double decker tour bus and went to three locations within the city giving out free sandwiches, Dr. Pepper, cow Pez dispensers and, of course, plenty of photo opportunities with the cows. Each location was revealed 45 minutes before arrival via,, and Upon the cows’ arrival, fans adorned a cow hat and lined up around the block for a free meal. After receiving their meal, fans could pose for pictures with the cows.

As an aside, those who signed up for the Chick-fil-A text insider program for location alerts would have their information stored in a CRM database and would receive ongoing, area-code/regional-specific deals and promotions.

• Hundreds of fan tweets and ReTweets of NYC Bus locations

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The Spicy Chicken Sandwich Launch
Not just another summer deal or new seasonal special, this was the full meal deal that introduced Chick-fil-A fans to a whole new way of experiencing the famous chicken sandwich, that CFA invented, now with some kick. We helped in launching it on Facebook and giving fans a chance to reserve one themselves.

Highline Results:
• Pushed 1.2 Million Sandwich Reservations
• 600+ “Likes”
• 200+ Comments